Our master classes

Our master classes

Learning from the top down!

Our masterclasses are part of a coherent path for young people, in that it’s important to meet people from the industry who are making their mark, to learn how the complexities of the music business work.



February 13 and March 1, 2023

Princesses is a new French-language power rock trio formed by Mademoizelle Philippe, Flavie Léger-Roy and Chouchoune. It was their love of rock and the French language that led these three seasoned musicians to found this crunchy, fresh-riffing band, giving themselves the challenge of fanning the flames of French-language rock.


Noé Talbot

July 6, 2023

With his Noé Talbot project, singer-songwriter Benjamin Piette cultivates his unique style as a lover of fine words, offering engaging tracks with catchy folk/pop melodies. With his sharp pen, he sketches everyday life and the great solitudes of our times. His bittersweet works invite both nostalgia and reflection.


David Jobin

July 17, 2023

A native of Verchères (Qc), David Jobin composes his own material and uses a deft blend of rock, pop and folk, set to music that harmonizes with his lyrics and brings them to life. An uncompromising melodist, he writes most often guided by inspiration and the emotion of the moment.

The son of a professional musician, he trained for several years in classical piano, before self-taughtly exploring the guitar, which became his main instrument and creative tool.

His deft fingers move back and forth over the strings to create a universe reminiscent of the authentic, passionate musician, adding a romantic, bohemian touch to his songs. Since 2019, David has been quietly abandoning the stage to concentrate on building his own recording studio in his small village in the Mauricie region.


Samuele Mandeville

August 17, 2023

A songwriter by trade and a popular educator by passion, Samuele is equally at home with the spoken, written and sung word. A multi-instrumentalist with a sharp pen, he has always shared his poetry through music. His love of the stage began as a teenager, performing in Montreal’s underground bars before he was old enough to enter. His artistic approach is rooted in the belief that personal narrative and artistic expression are tools for social change.