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Frequently asked questions


General questions

Does my child need a music background to participate in an Immersion Rock Montréal program?2024-01-24T13:39:10-05:00

You don’t have to have a music background to participate in one of our programs! All you need is an interest in learning to play music in a band. The results are phenomenal!

Who are the coaches and what is their expertise?2024-01-24T13:40:25-05:00

Immersion Rock Montréal’s coaches are professional musicians who are active on today’s music scene. Multi-instrumentalists for the most part, the coaches enable the bands to evolve within an inclusive pedagogical framework adapted to different learning rhythms.

Does my child have to rehearse many hours at home to achieve the program’s objectives?2024-01-24T13:42:21-05:00

Each student joins a band according to his or her level, age and willingness to play music in a group! Our programs require a real commitment at rehearsal time, but do not require a specific number of hours for rehearsals at home.

However, it’s always a good idea to take a few minutes a day (between 15 and 30 minutes) with your instrument. Immersion Rock Montréal can lend out instruments on an occasional basis (practice pads for drums), to enable students to rehearse at home.

What’s more, Immersion Rock Montréal’s programs are aimed at the overall development of the individual. The objectives are therefore not limited to musical skills.

Can my child only attend one of the two weeks of the IMMERSION ROCK summer music camp?2024-01-24T13:43:25-05:00

The IMMERSION ROCK summer music camp takes place over a two-week period, allowing each band to develop a strong sense of belonging. Each objective is meticulously added to the schedule, with the ultimate goal of creating rock star bands! In other words, the activities vary from day to day, throughout the two-week camp, to allow the youngsters to realize their full potential.

Does my child need to bring snacks?2024-01-24T13:43:51-05:00

For all our programs, we recommend that you bring snacks in addition to lunch (depending on the program).

Do I have to provide my child’s instrument?2024-01-24T13:44:59-05:00

Immersion Rock Montréal gives all students access to an instrument. It’s also possible, if needed, to bring an instrument home for solo rehearsals. For drums, it’s possible to borrow sticks and practice pads, while having access to our Ebenor brand drums on site.

More questions?

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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