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Immersion Rock Montréal


July 5, 2021 marks the opening of Immersion Rock Montréal! Already, nearly 300 rock stars have walked the Musicopratik grounds in a variety of dynamic programs!

Patrick Mainville, founder and general manager of Immersion Rock Montréal, drew on his professional and personal background to launch a major project to reconnect young people with a passion, as the Covid-19 pandemic has hit them hard. It was when he saw his own daughter locked away at home, unable to enjoy her usual activities, that he took the plunge!

Immersion Rock Montréal takes root in the rehearsal studios of Musicopratik, a well-established Verdun enterprise since 2005, where over 2000 musicians a month come to rehearse their art. In these fully-equipped premises, offering an environment completely tinted with the colors of rock (continuous background music, red soundproofing panels, walls adorned with posters of the biggest names in rock, small on-site boutique, etc.), Immersion Rock Montréal students are immediately immersed in a unique musical universe.

Immersion Rock Montréal aims to reach as many young people as possible, throughout Quebec and beyond. With a team of professionals completely dedicated to the cause of young musicians and people in general, major projects are constantly on the table, and the message is slowly growing in scope.



Founder and CEO

First instrument – Guitar.

Other instruments – Bass, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, drums.

Number of years in the business – More than 25 years.

Bands with who you play – WD40, Les Parfaits Inconnus.

Personnal projects – Creating Immersion Rock Montréal, the coolest music venue in the world!

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It’s hard to say. I’ve always been fascinated by the emotions I feel when I listen to music.

Music has stimulated my creativity and helped me get through difficult times. It also helped me to make friends and to surpass myself.

Honestly, I don’t know. I surround myself with exceptional people who are all better than me and share the same vision.

Because Immersion Rock Montréal offers the opportunity
to learn and perfect the art of playing music in a band. By participating in Immersion Rock Montréal, you have access to music-focused workshops, concerts and activities. You can also enjoy a dynamic, enriching community and develop your musical personality.

Also, learning music has positive effects on stress and anxiety reduction, helps concentration, aids memory development, stimulates creativity and greatly boosts self-esteem. In short, it’s a way to improve your happiness.

I have too many music-related anecdotes to choose just one. But I can tell you that my fondest memories are of the moments shared with the musicians on stage and with the audience. It’s a unique feeling, a kind of inexplicable communion. Not forgetting the precious moments on the road “in the van”. What a wonderful excuse to get to know your colleagues, brothers and sisters in arms. This family that accompanies you through all sorts of adventures. These are extraordinary and enriching encounters that remain engraved in my mind and in my heart.



Operations director

First instrument – Singing and guitar.

Other instruments – Drums, a little bit of piano and bass.

Number of years in the business – More than 15 years.

Personnel projects – AnnieClaude Bandcamp

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Quite simply, my passion for music comes from my love of words and melodies. The mix between the two allows me to share a deep emotion, and that’s what I love.

Music more or less saved me. I’ve been singing since I was a kid, and I used to record myself on an old radio, singing along to the great voices like Whitney or Céline! Even though I officially started making music a bit late, it’s always been part of my life.

I motivate myself every day by telling myself that even if it’s sometimes difficult, even if it’s not easy to recognize that the time invested is worthwhile, I remember that if I stop, I’ll be unhappy. So I keep going.

For me, Immersion Rock Montréal is a dream opportunity It’s a privilege to work for young people, to help them light the flame and believe in the importance of nurturing a passion.

I was doing a show in a bar with my band of the moment and someone came in without realizing that a band (us) was playing live and without batting an eyelid, parked his bike on the stage and then went to get a drink at the counter. We carried on playing, albeit with a smirk on our faces!



Program manager and coach

First instrument – Piano.

Other instruments – Tout le reste (guitare, basse, batterie, voix, flûte, clarinette, saxophone alto, ténor et baryton, trompette, trombone, tuba, etc.)

Number of years in the business – For over 20 years + 10 years as a music teacher.

Bands you play with ? – Abbey / AnnieClaude / Different studio projects.

Personal projects – My own singer-songwriter project.

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I studied classical piano in elementary and high school. Music has always been a part of my life. My mother and uncle have been singing since I was a child.

Music is an outlet. It has allowed me to grow as a person and as a musician. It’s hard to believe, but I was shy in primary school, and music helped me get over that shyness.

I was a music teacher for 10 years in high school, gradually leaving the projects I played with to concentrate on my work as a teacher. Now I’m devoting myself to Immersion Rock Montréal and getting back to being a full time musician.

This work represents all spheres of my life (day camp, teaching, music, customer service, etc.). I’m a real fan of the project I’m involved in, and I’m happy to be able to help making it grow.

I was playing with a punk band in my twenties and we were supposed to open for another band on a TV show. The band we were to open for asked us if they could start first as they were “tired”. Being good people, we said yes, not knowing that they were going to play for three hours non-stop… We started playing at 1 a.m. in front of nobody… Worst show of my life hahaha…


Myranie “Myranie” Bray

Communication services

First instrument – My phone.

Other instruments – My laptop.

Number of years in the business – Since I was a teenager.

Bands you play with ? – I’m not a musician, but I love listening to music.

Personal project – Everything I can listen to.

I think it comes from my mother. There was always music playing in the house! She used to clean the house with Éric Lapointe through the roof.

Music has brought me a lot of comfort.

Because I really believe in the project. I think it’s done for the right reasons and because, in the end, it allows me to put several elements I like together.
I got an Éric Lapointe tattoo while listening to Éric Lapointe at Heavy Montreal with Dallas Green and Georges behind me! I took a picture with both of them and almost fainted. My equivalent of Éric Lapointe is Dallas Green.